heidi.'s 蜃気楼 (Shinkirou) starts just the same as OZ's Blot, just a little speeded up. Funny :) Well actually it's Oz copying but who cares.

Man, summer's messing me up.

because music it's always right


"ok, pretty good for headbanging, but that's all" was my only thought whenever I saw them live in some event, "with hate" was the only memorable song. But then.. first full album? Let's try and... WOW. Ok, total lack of innovation, they're just copycat but they're doing great.


saw them live the first time last year's july, it was the only good band besides the main act (Deathgaze).
Got their first mini-album and again.. WOW They're probably the most nu-metal influenced band out there, I hate nu-metal but I love them, how come? They've an incredible sense with melody amongst the chaos.

Suicide Ali:
got curios by the monicker, bought their mini-albums and, simply, the most innovative visual kei band EVER.
Can't wait for the full album.


random useless post

Don't remember the order, but I found the setlist of the recorded show by OZ which is gonna be released on DVD next month:

Zenith, Athena, Enmity, Clover, Blot, Butterfly, Misty, Cry the Crime, RAZE, Shangri-La

Fabri-sama 1 2ch 0

D'espairs Ray 9th Anniversary setlist:

fuyuu shita risou
ori no naka de miru yume
*new song*
1999-2008 Medley: brilliant/[s]yste[m]/Misshitsu no chuu... [ikaretakimi] no senritsu/
genchou/valentine/marry of the blood/yami ni furu kiseki/kogoeru yoru ni saita hana/closer to ideal/squall/brilliant (reprise)

encore 1:
tatoeba kimi ga shindara
*new song*

encore 2 ***[Vocals: Tsukasa, Guitar: Zero, Bass: Hizumi, Drums: Karyu]***


In December new single and new tour about 6-7 dates, final at Yokohama Blitz 12.30, just like the last year.


Big news

New girugamesh album: 11/5, 11/7 in Europe, CD+DVD (9 songs) CD ONLY (12 songs), dvd will be over 60 minutes lives from the shooting summer tour + pv of a new song

New tour called "crazy tour 08-09", 47 cities over 4 monts, tour final 3/22 Shibuya AX

I'm Alive

Just a few words:

tomorrow I'm going to the beach with friends, don't know where, but it's 2 hours from Tokyo by train and we're going to meet in something less than 5 hours and I didn't slept anything yeah!

Scuber dive was awesome, but absolutely over-tiring, I even couldn't see Versailles for the 1st time for the fatigue, anyway I got Dio's denka drum stick.

Can't wait for 9 goats and the new 12012 dvd.

Fabri-sama 1 Jouren 0

Pushing 'till first row it feels soo good. So there was Nega today, pretty cool Jin didn't started on the stage, but he walked over singing from the entrance of Shibuya O-West and went up to the stage, pretty bikkurishita. I was in third row with no problem, but the fucking two moles ahead of me weren't doing any headbanging or anything, so I said "WTH" and pushed over the first line on the handbar where there was a tiny spot just for me, the two jouren on my sides at first looked at me, looked eachself like saying "NANIKORE", tried shylyto get their tiny little arms over the bar but there was no hope for them, I was there to stay. And it was awesome beside the non-so-good setlist, for a Nega fan of course:

1. reminescence (and sadly it was not so good, but first listening you know)
2. Utsu
3. Jigyaku paranoid
4. Soul cry
5. Kabe

They must stop playing jigyaku, it's their worst song EVER damn! (and still no abase...)